Proposition S.O.S. Renovation Projects

While safety and security have been the most advertised components of Proposition S.O.S., renovations for all buildings are included in the project list.   Flooring, painting, roofing, windows, masonry repairs and bathroom renovations will be completed if voters approve the initiative.

The Pate Early Childhood Center, Robinson School and Junior High will receive restroom renovations including epoxy bases for flooring and new plumbing fixtures.  Portions of the hallways that have broken tile will be stripped and the concrete polished or stained.  Windows that have been identified as leaking, or inefficient to the point of needing repair, will be replaced.    Painting will be completed in high traffic areas to enhance the appearance of the facilities.  The Robinson School gym will also receive work to make it more functional and updated. 

Inspection and analysis of roofs provided information indicating needed repairs at Pate Early Childhood Center, Robinson School, Junior High and High School.  A portion of the Central Office would also be addressed if the issue passes.  None of the roofs need total renovation.  The work will be focused strictly on parts that have incurred leaking or have not been redone in a number of years.  Roofs that have remaining life will be monitored for future repair or replacement and added to the annual maintenance schedule. 

The configuration of the Pate Early Childhood Center HVAC system creates a problem of consistency regarding heating and cooling for students.  Based on preliminary inspections, a solution is available to fix this issue.  By completing repairs if the initiative passes, a better level of comfort and efficiency will be achieved.

A final aspect included in the project list is a card access system for entry.  This system tracks those coming and going in order to know specifically who is in the building.  It also allows District personnel to shut down portions of the facility when outside groups rent or use building space. 

As mentioned in other publications, District facilities meet the need of our current enrollment.  Because of this, it is important to take care of these buildings so they will last well into the future. 


Billy Redus


*The details contained in this letter are for informational purposes only and provided to ensure voters understand the projects included in the bond issue.  The information is not intended to encourage a “Yes” or “No” vote regarding Proposition S.O.S.  Please exercise your right.

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