Dear Parents/Guardians,

Funds have been allocated to the Aurora R-VIII School District through the American Rescue Plan (ARP)-Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) Fund.  Recommendations for utilization of these funds include short-term or one-time expenditures.  

Consultation has been completed with various individuals and groups to discuss the most effective and efficient applications.  A survey was also administered in July 2021 to obtain input regarding ESSER III.  I appreciate all who provided feedback.   

The following results were obtained from the survey and consultation.  Receiving the most support from the survey was “Expand before and after-school tutoring.”  This aligns with one of the recommended areas in the ESSER III guidance-High Dosage Tutoring.  The second most supported area was “Provide curriculum resources and learning tools to help with learning loss.”  This is also an allowable use for funds.  The third most supported area was “Provide technology updates, infrastructure and connectivity to assist with student learning.”  Guidance provides opportunities to fulfill this feedback.

Other areas of planned usage for ESSER III Funds include purchasing learning management systems for instruction (e.g. Canvas), HVAC upgrades/roofing restoration for improved air quality, allowance for virtual instruction for those concerned with returning to in-person learning and funds for non-certified personnel to keep needed operations intact to allow for seated instruction. 

While the application will be submitted soon, I encourage you to email, call or visit Central Office to discuss any other items that may benefit your child or children.  My email is, office phone is 678-3373, cell phone is 229-0277 or the address for Central Office is 201 South Madison Avenue, Aurora, Missouri. 

Plans for the District will also be discussed at the August 23, 2021 Board of Education meeting beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Central Office.  The application and progress toward meeting the goals will be reviewed at least every six months.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Billy Redus